Drawing is not only a fun hobby but it is also a way by which you express your feelings and emotions. Drawing is a vast field and there is a number of world-famous artists who have astonished everyone with their outclass paintings and drawings. You can also make money by your beautiful drawings and lot of people only learn this skill for that purpose. The best part of curso de desenho realista fun hobby is that it doesn’t entail expensive equipment; all you need is simply a pencil and a paper to draw sketches and outlines.

There are certain useful tips that one should follow in order to make a better drawing, so for all those beginners’ curso de desenho realista tips will be beneficial, have a look;

  • If you are at zero and know nothing about drawing, you should follow this tip. Always try to draw lighter lines. Doing this you will avoid mistakes and can darken them once the drawings finish. With light lines, you can easily erase them and make corrections where needed. The mistake is common but you can avoid blunders if you start by drawing light lines.
  • Next, it is very important to keep in mind that vary the degree of weight will make different drawings. Make sure you know how much weight should be put on the pencil to draw what you intended to. By pressing the pencil lighter and lifting it a bit up, you can make soft images. If you want darker lines, put more weight on the pencil. Since outlines of the image make drawing more impressive, make sure you learn this technique first.
  • The final tip in curso de desenho realista is to know the proportion of your drawing. Make sure you have enough space to complete the image you are drawing on the sheet.

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