First off, congrats on being part of iCloud remover team who brings you an amazing tool to help you unlock your precious iCloud phone that is locked just because you slip the right password out of your mind and now you are facing the music for what you have done.

Despite the fact that iCloud Company created iCloud activation account for the user’s own security that was not bad. But you must not forget that the users, being humans, can forget the password anytime, for example, after an illness etc, does it mean they are no longer the owner of their smartphone they paid an arm and a leg for? They might think so, let them thins, but we can’t think of the same angle.

We are here to help you unlock your iPhone by presenting one of our most popular tool iCloud removers, we name it Doulci Activator. As suggested by its name, it is just a tool you need to activate and then you will be able to use your phone once again as you did back in the days as the real owner.

We are not a team with of a dozen but we are just two people who ran into each other at a part with similar passions, and by chance with similar issues iCloud lock. We are proud that we could help the public with a longstanding issue of iPhone lock.

We saw that most people when seeing that their iPhone is locked, threw it away thinking that there was no solution to unlocking without the valid password despite knowing that they paid for it and that they were the real owner.

We believe that the person carrying the iPhone with an acceptable purchasing proof is the real current owner but the Apple Company believes in different agenda once a person bought the iPhone they must be the first and last owner whether they died on the next day but the successor can’t use it without a password. A question sometimes comes to the head that Apple company might want to promote their products by using these kinds of tricks in the name of the user’s own safety.

How to recover data from iCloud locked iPhone?