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An interesting historical background of Hindi

The language of Hindi has its origins in India which is the second largest country according to the population. When we get back to the 10th century we get to know that Hindi was the colloquial speech spoken in North India regions.

This language was then esteemed as Hindvi or Hindi but now it is recognized to be just ‘Hindi’. It was called Hindi by the Persian speaking Turks who made attacks on India in the late 10th century.

Well, the term Hindvi was referred to being the language of the Hind. For centuries, Hind was referred to as the Indus River Land. As India was subject to cruel attacks by Arabs and other people from other continents, it contains a pretty quantity of Arabic and Persian words.

The national language of India

During the time of being a British colony, Hindi was used in offices as most people didn’t understand English. This was the time for Hindi to develop as the national language of India. This language came into fashion amongst city officials and government.

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